Saturday, November 25, 2006

Bounce and Perspiration: Release Your Inner Self

Join Mr. Bless and Eric Prince for

Bounce and Perspiration: Release Your Inner Self ...

Date: December 8th, 2006 [ Friday ]
Time: 10 PM
Mocca Lounge / 78-82 Reade St., New York, NY 10007 [212.233.7570]

Featuring: 4-2-1 (Mr. Bless & Eric Prince)
Joined by:
Greer Barnes [the Chapelle Show, David Letterman]
Angelo Lozada [Apollo, Standup NY],

Sponsored by:
Dance Dance Revolution [Playstation 2]
Leaf & Sea Orange Twist

. Drink Specials - Hypertonic, Apple Flextini, Skinny Dip
. $10 GUESTLINK ... $15 at the Door

“4-2-1 is a collaboration of two mixologist on 4 turntables recapturing the love of dance-music-life ... where people let go and let the thump of house music possess their body and soul and let loose their inner sexiness.”

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