Monday, April 03, 2006

April Music Showers (part2)

Now for something from the Prince called Chillin On A Island

For bookings contact:

DJ Eric Prince at, 212-426-0863

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thejokergsxr1100 said...

I am a friend of Wanda & Jose. That was a great set"April Music Showers (Part 2)"! There were a lot of great classic records that I haven't heard in quite a while "Get On The Funk Train", "Nobody Got Time", "Powerline" & "Battle Star Galactica" which By the way all the records that you played I have on orginal vinyl. Do Your Thing Player! Peace Out! Godfrey!

DJ Eric Prince said...

thanx dude!

I was remembering a night in Da Garage
when I did it.

Hopefully we will get to meet during one of Bless and myselves gigs.

Until Then,